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'What the Judges are Looking For' Part 1 - Anne Emmett AAPS


A judge can use any of these words as all are anagrams of the other.

Some people prefer “Optic” (of the eyes) seeing the image and looking for photographic excellence.

T  -  Technique - a technical aspect (Craft)
O -   Originality - an emotional aspect (Art)
P  -   Presentation - a technical aspect (Craft)
I   -   Impact - an emotional aspect (Art)
C  -   Composition - an emotional aspect (Art)


IMPACT (the first glance is what it is all about)

You cannot have impact without the other elements being present.
“Serious photography is about producing artistic images, not technically excellent ones.”


PRESENTATION (including the mounting)

Do not put coloured mounts on Black and White prints.
Match coloured mounts to coloured prints.  If in doubt put white, cream or black mounts.  
This is all part of the IMPACT.


To be an excellent photograph it must also combine the elements of:


Skilful handling of subject matter

Good composition

good lighting

Correct exposure

High quality of print (was it produced on the right paper?)

Well chosen background and setting

Tone harmony (colour and monochrome) interesting and compelling portrayal of concept to final image.


I personally like to see “something new” and someone who is prepared to push the boundary without losing ALL OF THE ABOVE!  (This image will always stand out in the crowd!)


Good luck, you can’t please all the judges all the time!  
All judges (male and female) will see the image in a different light.

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