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How to Enter Club Competitions



Enter club competitions by submitting photos online by the Friday night before the competition.  Click on the PhotoCompSoftware link below to enter both prints and digital projected images.

Both print entries and digital projected entries will be displayed to the audience at competitions. For each print entry the judge assesses the actual print while the audience views a larger projected version of that entry.  Digital projected entries will be assessed in the normal manner on screen by the judge.

The PhotoComp Software will ask you for your email address.  Use the one that you used to join the Noarlunga and Southern District Camera Club.  You will be asked to select the competition you wish to enter and to upload a JPEG file of up to two photos in each category of Set Subject Mono Print, Set Subject Colour Print, Set Subject Mono Projected Image, Set Subject Colour Projected Image, Open Subject Mono Print, Open Subject Colour Print, Open Subject Mono Projected Image, Open Subject Colour Projected Image and up to three photos in the category of Open Subject Colour or Mono Print from film.

All JPEG files uploaded for competition entries should be no larger than 1920 x 1080 pixels (horizontal x vertical).  Photos used to produce competition prints can be of higher resolution for printing but need to be downsized to the maximum of 1920 x 1080 pixels to suit the club projector.


JPEG files submitted for all competition categories can be modified or withdrawn up to the close of entries at 11.59 PM on the Friday before the competition.  Prints for all print categories must be brought to the competition by 7.30 PM on the Monday night of the competition.  It is not necessary to bring prints to a prior meeting.

If you have any difficulty accessing the PhotoComp Link please send your entries to

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