May Results

Shot of the Night


 John VIDGEON Morning Dip


Digital Colour


Mark DWYER - City of Reflections

Bob GRIFFITHS - David and Goliath

Jim McKENDRY - The Golden Shoe
                            - The Life Saver

Eric BUDWORTH - Super Trees

Elaine DOUGLAS - The Eye of the Tiger

Craig FIELD - Out Back Bath

Annett VIDIC - Into the Mist

Craig DOUGLAS - Sunburnt Country

Tasha MUNRO - Show Pony

Mark GREGG - Rocky Point Sunset

Robert ARMITAGE - Sorm at Death Rock



Lila SCOLES - Closed Door

Bill BEBBINGTON - Autumnal Gold

John VIDGEON - The Eyes Have It

Jason CAPLE - Elder Park

Brian PEER - Nelson Falls
                     - Shingleback Skink

Lyndal GIBSON - Blaze of Beauty

Annett VIDIC - Lunch on the Rock

Jack FLACK - Colourful Waterfall

Bob JAMES - Calendula

Alan HAMILTON - Autumn Mushrooms

Phill PAWSON - Sail as Right of Way

Mark DWYER - Kotor

Carolyn GRIFFITHS - Ready for Picking
                                  - Actual Window on the Hull

Elizabeth DOECKE - Mum's Rose

Barry TRELEAVEN - Twirling Girl Fringe

Peter GIBSON - Girl on the Run


Digital Black & White


Mark GREGG - Yard Light Orb

Eric BUDWORTH - Paying Respect

Bob GRIFFITHS - The Old Water Pump

Lyndal GIBSON - Rolls Royce

Mark DWYER - The Day Begins

Carolyn GRIFFITHS - Thistles in Abundance

Phill PAWSON - Storm Clouds Gather



Tasha MUNRO - Power House Tower
                           - Puff Ball

Eric BUDWORTH - Ferres Wheel Gondolar

Lila SCOLES - Travelling to Nowhere

Phill PAWSON - The Bridge

Peter GIBSON - Can I Help?


Colour Film


Phill PAWSON - At the Market



Tasha MUNRO - The Old City of Light

Phill PAWSON - Holding Hands


Film Black & White


Barry TRELEAVEN - Under Construction

Tasha MUNRO - Close Neighbours

Jack FLACK - Hills Rolling Down to the Sea



Tasha MUNRO - Hindley Street Day Side




Ian FLINT - Beetle Hiding
                  -Strike a Light


Ian FLINT - Orchid in Glass

Robert ARMITAGE - Stepping Out
                                -The Harsh Brown Land

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