March 2019 Results

Phoneography  ( 25 entries)



             Tash Munro                  Kookaburra

             Tony Lawrence             On Reflection

             Tash Munro                  River Sunset

             Tony Lawrence             Soldier Crab

             Tina Phillips                  Summer Days



             Fiona Lawrence            Abstract Tree Roots

             Marion Manuel             DNA Tower Perth

             Tony Lawrence              Hawaiian Jungle

             Tony Lawrence              Wine Time


Digital Colour (29 entries)



             Elizabeth Doecke        Blanche Point

             Mark Dwyer                 Myponga Hills

             Tony Lawrence            Sunrays At Second Valley

             Tony Lawrence     Sunset At The Sticks                             -: Shot Of The Night:-

             Karie Norris                  Myponga Beach Cliffs

             Darryl Allen                   Stormy Seas At Maslins          



             Marion Manuel             Freedom Of The Surf

             Rod Patterson              Fire Sky

             Jim McNamara             Second Valley Coast

             Mark Dwyer                  Pt Noarlunga Sunset

             Jeannie Wood               Petrel Cove

             Fiona Lawrence            Hindmarsh Bridge

             Karie Norris                  Myponga Creek

             Darryl Allen                   Looking Across the Bay From

                                                     The Hills Above Myponga Beach


Digital Monochrome (25 entries)



             Tony Lawrence             Cascading Waters

             Fiona Lawrence            Packed Up

             Jeannie Wood               Football Action

             Lila Scoles                     Walk On The Dunes

             Mark Dwyer                  Moonta Station

             Rod Patterson              Determination



             Karie Norris                  Feature Wall

             Karie Norris                  Dutch Windmills

             Tony Lawrence             Lined Up On The Huon

             Fiona Lawrence            Urquart Castle

             Jeanne Wood                Agave

             Lila Scoles                     Adelaide’s Landmark

             Mark Dwyer                  A Day On The Port River

             Marion Manuel            Making Memories

             Colin Sanderson           Grampian Storm


Colour Print From Film ( 3 entries)



             Jack Flack                      A Walk In The Mist



             Jack Flack                      Reaching For The Sky



Tasha Munro - River Sunset
Tasha Munro - Kneeboarder
Tasha Munro - Kookaburra
Swan in reflection by Marion Manuel
Seagulls at sunset
On reflection
DNA Tower Perth  by Marion Manuel
Blue Lake Mount Gambier by Marion Manuel
Wine time