Results for 25th Feb 2019


            Phoneography                         Open 


            Merit Awarded to


            Phill Pawson               Brighton Beach

            Fiona Lawrence          Chrysanthemums

            Lyndal Gibson            Glorious Sky

            Peter Gibson               Port Noarlunga Jetty

            Bronwyn Calvert        Silhouette

            Elizabeth Doecke        The Lilly Pond


            Honour Award to


            Bronwyn Calvert        Fun At The Beach

            Bronwyn Calvert        Silver Sands On Australia Day

            Elizabeth Doecke        Sunset @ Brighton




        Digital Monochrome               Open 


         Merit Award to


              Lyndal Gibson            Resting Place 

              John Cook                   Look, Look!  Where, Where?

              Eric Budworth            Looking For Leaks?

              Mark Dwyer                Castle Saint Angelo

               Jeanne Wood              Contrast Lighting

               Lila Scoles                    Pilgrimage

               Lydia Callaghan          Bleached Trunks



                Jason Caple                 Low Tide

                Colin Sanderson         The Last Post

                Darryl Allen              Grass Growing In The Sand Dunes

                Eric Budworth            Auto Biography

                Phill Kelly                    Night Time Rowing

                Fiona Lawrence          Docklands

                Tony Lawrence           Music Men

                 Tony Lawrence           Williton Steam Train

                 Elizabeth Doecke        One Horse Power







            Digital Colour                Open


            Merit Award to


              Jim McNamara           Jennifer

              Jim McNamara           Glasses

              Karie Norris                Busy Bees

              Karie Norris                Splashing Around

              Colin Sanderson         Afternoon Glow

              Trevor Scott                Lift Off

              Trevor Scott                Spring Time

              Darryl Allen     Lightning Over Gulf St Vincent At Sunset

               John Cook                   Fill'er Up, Please.

               Eric Budworth            Gulls At Sunrise

               Mark Dwyer               Botanic Walk   

               Mark Dwyer               Pippa

               Phil Kelly                     Hot Night On A Jetty

               Fiona Lawrence          Balmoral Steps

               Lydia Callaghan          Condensation

               Elizabeth Doecke        Sunset On The Murray

                Jack Flack                     Semi Profile


            Honour Awarded to


               Lyndal Gibson            Colleen and Paul

               Phil Kelly                      Torrens Reflections

               Lila Scoles                   Studio

               Lila Scoles                   Footpath Studio

               Fiona Lawrence          Horseshoe Falls

               Tony Lawrence           Brighton Beach Girl

               Tony Lawrence           Post Bridge

Brighton Beach - Phill Pawson

Brighton Beach - Phill Pawson

Silhouette - bronwyn calvert

Silhouette - bronwyn calvert

Silver Sands on Australia day - bronwyn

Silver Sands on Australia day - bronwyn

Glorious Sky Lyndal Gibson

Glorious Sky Lyndal Gibson

Chrysanthemums - Fiona Lawrence

Chrysanthemums - Fiona Lawrence

Fun at the beach - bronwyn calvert 2

Fun at the beach - bronwyn calvert 2

Sunset _ Brighton - Elizabeth Doecke

Sunset _ Brighton - Elizabeth Doecke

The Lilly Pond - Elizabeth Doecke

The Lilly Pond - Elizabeth Doecke