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Colour Calibration by Michele Sawyer

Colormunki suspended on the screen

Colour ‘Munki’ Your World

Do your prints look nothing like what is displayed on-screen? Are you surprised to see colours shift and appear blotchy in print?


It is probably because your monitor and printer are not communicating, not on the same wavelength, so to speak.  Monitors and printers have to be calibrated to get the best colour reproduction.   The good news is that this is easily fixed by hiring a ‘Colormunki’ from Total Photographic Supplies for under $20 for two days hire. Your prints will never look better, accurate colours that match exactly what you see on-screen.


Monitor Profiling
After installing the Colormunki software, getting accurate on-screen colour is the first and most important step.  You simply suspend the device over your monitor and it flashes various colours which the Colormunki measures to build a profile for your monitor.   In the advance mode, the Colormunki will also measure the ambient light of your room.  The on-screen instructions are very easy to follow and offers the choice of viewing a video if preferred.   The process takes a few minutes, and when completed shows your monitor in both before and after calibration modes.  So easy, the monitor looks fantastic, with adjusted contrast and brightness that lets you see highlight and shadow details across all colours.

Printer Profiling

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