April Results

Shot of the Night


Jack Flack                    Spider Orchid


Digital Print Honours (Colour)

John VIDGEON     Flying Machine  

Mark Dwyer          The Arrival

Eric Budworth     Looking for the Right Seat

Bruce Barnes        On Track

Elizabeth DOECKE  The "S" Bend

Bob GRIFFITHS      Filler "Er Up,

Robert ARMITAGE Mirage

Craig DOUGLAS   The Italian Job

Peter GIBSON     Under Carriage



Bronwyn CALVERT One Tug or Two

Alan HAMILTON    Valliant Lines

Lila SCOLES          Goods in Transit

Lila SCOLES           People Mover

Jack FLACK            Eye to Eye with a Jaguar

Eric Budworth       Bow Tide

Elaine DOUGLAS   The "A" Model

Bill BEBBINGTON Stopping at All Stations

Russell MALLORY   Looking Back Up, Moving Forward

Russell MALLORY    Chrome Fire Power

Carolyn  GRIFFITHS A Time Gone By

Barry TRELEAVEN  Flinders Rangers View

Alan HAMILTON    Foggy Morning

Jim McKENDRY      The Camel Goes the Distance

Bob GRIFFITHS   Scotty on Board

Lyndal GIBSON Shinning Beauty


Digital Print Honours (Monochrome)

Eric Budworth     Asian Transport

Bob GRIFFITHS   Grim Reaper

Craig DOUGLAS   Vintage Vespa

Carolyn  GRIFFITHS Yesterday

Lila SCOLES     Hydra Island Taxi

Eric Budworth     Elevation Transfer



Russell MALLORY   Oscar W

Lila SCOLES     Transport Malfunction

Lila SCOLES        Omo

Elizabeth DOECKE  Off to Fox Glacier

Bob GRIFFITHS    Where All Lines Meet

Nichola JOHNSON    Steam Train

Elaine DOUGLAS   Logging

Craig DOUGLAS    Call the RAA

Peter GIBSON     Times Gone By


Colour Print From Film (Honours)

Jack Flack      Organ Loft Saint Peters


Jack Flack     From Another Angle

Black & White Print From Film (Honours)

Ian FLINT          My Friend Skippy



Ian FLINT        Misty Morning Waik

Jack Flack      One Misty Morn

Barry TRELEAVEN    Brenna In Fur


Slides (Honours)

Ian FLINT    Puff Ball

Ian FLINT    Holy Snakes

Ian FLINT    Nature's Pattern

Jack Flack    Open to the Sun



Ian FLINT      Crystals in Unison

Ian FLINT      Magic Water

Ian FLINT      Amazing Crystals

Jack Flack      Going Nowhere Fast

Variegated Wren-Gary Sawyer
Merit Award

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